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Master degree-holder Benedikt Ahlfeld is an expert on decision-making psychology, certified management consultant and founder, as well as CEO of the ZHI Consulting® GmbH. He has coached and trained top decision-makers of the economy, sport and medicine for ten years, for better management and more implementation competence. Benedikt Ahlfeld shows how to influence buying decisions and how teams can reach better results.

Decision-making runs like a golden thread through Benedikt Ahlfeld’s life – decisions that meet his standards hold-no-barred. At the age of 13 you would have found him sitting on the rooftops meditating. Aged 16, with little more than 2 months work experience, he decided for himself to become an entrepreneur. Today, Benedikt enables people and companies to live and work smart by sharing his expertise on the psychology of decision-making.

If you would like to book Benedikt Ahlfeld as the speaker for your next event, then you can be sure as the organizer: his lecture will move your audience through innovation. He is not only a keynote speaker and an expert on decision-psychology, bestseller author of seven books and a trainer of the new generation. His enthusiasm for the topic of decisions, which makes him that authentic as a keynote speaker, did not come out of the blue: Benedikt is, since his early youth a thoroughbred entrepreneur. This multi-faceted speaker stands for clear decisions, gripping impulses and the harnessing of the complete inner power for more implementation competency. You receive honest, direct messages – entertaining and competence-wise profound – as well as motivating stories out of life and the economy, which encourage to make better decisions and to cultivate entrepreneurial thinking.

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Experience one of the most exhilarating, motivating lectures of the top speaker Benedikt Ahlfeld about the following topic possibilities:

Lecture 1: The power of decision-making (click to open)
Every day we make 20.000 decisions. Most of them with lightning speed; brain research proves that. The least of them, on the other hand, are rational and well thought through; the behavioral economy shows that. Benedikt Ahlfeld reveals which three decision traps you should certainly avoid and how you can utilize the findings of brain research.

Lecture 2: Simple Rules – simply decide in a complex world

In our world today, we are all flooded with a never-ending amount of information. In all areas of our lives, we are constantly forced, within the shortest possible time span, to make decisions and to handle tasks. Scientific research and success stories of the whole world show us that there is a basic rule of thumb, which often prove itself as being reliable. Thereby, cost, time and most of all, your nervous system can be saved.

Lecture 3: The psychology behind the decision to buy

Why people make irrational decisions and how you can generate more profit with successful neuro-marketing. Find out how you can position products and services in the heads of the target group in such a way that the willingness to buy rises and the price sensitivity is lowered.

Lecture 4: Emotional selling

The limbic system wins: how you can find out what your customers actually want and how you can sell them the matching product.

Lecture 5: Secrets of neuro-marketing

The latest insights from brain research and limbic marketing make it possible to utilize the power of the subconscious. Are you still selling or are you already reconditioning?

Lecture 6: Overcome the fear of being yourself

The lecture by the same name as the bestseller by Benedikt Ahlfeld. How to free yourself from the social programming, to widen your comfort zone and begin a life according to your standards.


Delight your audience and experience how valuable content is presented by Benedikt Ahlfeld in an exciting and humorous manner for:

  • Events
  • Management conferences
  • Key Note Lectures
  • Kick-Off events
  • Congresses
  • Customer events
  • Employee events
  • Association meetings
  • Marketing meetings
  • Management Meetings
  • Dinner speeches
  • Desire consultations

Lectures and keynotes, of between 20 and 90 minutes, are available for your event. The impulses and content of Benedict’s speeches fit perfectly to most occasions. Specially tailored for your event, your wishes and your target group are guaranteed a enthusiastic, sustainable and successful time. Many companies from the areas of business, management, sales, and various others utilize the lectures of Benedikt Ahlfeld to increase enthusiasm, self-initiative, customer relations, motivation, innovation, commitment, or marketing activities considerably and for enjoying more success in this way. Thereby, the successful entrepreneur speaks about his experiences. Für deutsche Eventplaner: Benedikt sprich fließend English, Deutsch und Wienerisch ;-) Er hat bereits in mehreren Ländern auf drei Kontinenten Vorträge gehalten. Hier klicken für alle Infos auf Deutsch.


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 Keynote Speaker: Benedikt Ahlfeld

  • Trainer & Coach for ten years
  • 7-times author of a book
  • Combination of competent knowledge and experience
  • Effect: Honest, direct and always to the point
  • Certified management consultant
  • Already at the age of 16 a thoroughbred entrepreneur
  • Lives through changes with the head and the heart
  • Viennese charm: even manages demanding topics the easy way
  • Family person and skier with a passion (an entirely authentic Austrian)

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